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Driving up from NC on a Friday night, my car began to display some problems with the brightness of my headlights. They were growing dim and flickering periodically along with my dash lights. I have a regular mechanic at home who has serviced my cars for nearly 20 years and I don't like for anyone else to touch my car. As a female, I've had plenty of experience with dishonest mechanics taking advantage of my ignorance. My friend in town is accustomed to having his vehicles serviced exclusively by the dealership of his car, but that wasn't an option for me. We did some internet searching to get a general diagnosis of the problem and then began looking for mechanics close by-- a challenge on a Saturday morning. Little Tire was close to my friend's house and more importantly, willing to take my car in on the spur of the moment without an appointment. When I described the problems my car was experiencing, the gentleman behind the counter said it sounded like the alternator had gone bad and possibly the battery as well which is what our internet research indicated as well. He promised to do a thorough diagnostic and only do the repairs necessary; and he said he would call after the diagnostic before performing any work to give me a close estimate on the cost of the repairs. He called within 30 minutes and the car was ready to go an hour later. The price was within the range that the internet indicated it would be. The staff at Little Tire was courteous and professional. I highly recommend!
Recommended? No |  by (Cllayton, NC), February 22, 2016